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How to Maintain Your Audio Equipment

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As we all know, any audio equipment like HI-FI or professional audio, If you don’t use them for a long time, their sound effect will be not good because affected by various factors like wet weather, temperature, humidity, etc. So we need to take timely maintenance into account .

We would like to share some tips about how to maintain the audio equipment with you. Hope it will be helpful.

1. To keep the suitable temperature while the equipment working. Too low temperature reduces the sensitivity of some machines, too high is easy to burn down components, or make components aging early.

2. Keep audio equipment from heat sources, such as heaters. 

3.All power should be turn off when you don’t need to use the system.

4.Before turn on and off, you should the amplifiers switch the volume to the minimum.

5.Keep electronics clear of dust and debris.

6.Don’t turn the power off the amp when shutting down straight away.

7.The backup equipment should be regularly powered up. If you don’t use them for long time, especially during wet, high or low temperature seasons, it is best to have power for half an hour per day. This can be used to use side components of the equipment when the heat generated to remove moisture from internal coils, speaker rings, transformers and other moisture mold.

8.Have enough ventilation. 

Providing enough ventilation is one way to maintain and increase the life of your speakers. A tip here is that you can keep your fans near your speakers to keep it cool at times when heavy performance is required.

9.Take Time to Maintain Equipment Inside and Out. 

Speakers, amplifiers, and just about any other audio component requires some level of regular maintenance to last a very long time. Just as you would open up your computer and get the dust out of it on occasion, the same needs to be done for this equipment. If you use your equipment on a professional basis, you may want to take time out monthly (or even weekly) to maintain your gear. Home users can usually get away with a yearly check. A can of air and other electronics-friendly cleaning equipment can make a big difference in increasing the life span of your equipment.

Speaker cones made of a paper-based material are subject to softening over time, and there are some special sprays that can assist in restoring the original sound to aging speakers.

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