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40HQ Container with Speaker and Subwoofer ship to Middle East

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May 8th 2020 That is a great begging of May in BOWAY SOUND, because we just loaded a 40HQ container to the Middle East Markets.


As we all know, the impact of the new coronavirus is so huge, which has brought a heavy blow to all walks of life. But we are still lucky for the time being, we still get strong support from some customers, so that we can slowly overcome the difficulties. We gained orders from our business friends. BOWAY recently ushered in the peak of shipments, the workshop, warehouse, packaging, delivery of all aspects of the staff are busy.


Thanks to every department hard-work, we finish a 40HQ container products in only 25 days. Now, you may carious that what products in the container? 


The container was loaded 

30 pcs LB-221SN dual 21 inch subwoofer,

150 pcs DK-15 single 15 inch two way speaker

100 pcs LB-212 dual 12 inch two way speaker

Please follow us, and we will report this client again soon. 

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